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Tummy Tuck


The abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. Good candidates for a tummy tuck are patients who have developed laxity in the skin and muscles of the abdomen and stomach areas.

This procedure does produce a permanent
, noticeable scar; however, it is one that is easily hidden by clothing. The scar is placed in a low crease in the abdomen or stomach skin.

After several pregnancies, a Cesarean section, or large weight loss, a woman may be ready to make a call to her plastic surgeon. More and more men are also opting for this procedure.

Most people who seek abdominoplasty are either somewhat overweight or have a lot of skin redundancy following a large weight loss or pregnancy. In the case of pregnancy, the muscles of the abdominal wall (the rectus abdominus) separate and then stretch considerably as the child grows inside the womb.

Of course, the skin stretches as well. Following the birth of the baby, this tissue involutes but does not return to its original tautness. Women who have multiple births have an even harder time regaining the original tautness of the abdominal wall.

I’ve noticed that if women have children at an early age, anywhere from ages sixteen to twenty-three years, they tend to have many more stretch marks than women who wait until their late twenties or early thirties. Often, these mothers are potential candidates for the tummy tuck.

Most people who seek a tummy tuck after pregnancy do so because of skin and muscle laxity. Men who have gained a considerable amount of weight and then lost most of it want to tighten up their abdomens and remove the excess skin and fat. By traveling to Florida or the Dominican Republic for your tummy tuck you can easily save up to 80% on tummy tuck costs.

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