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Cheapest Tummy Tuck

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery/Weight Loss Surgery too high?

Our surgeons are the most experienced cosmetic surgeons and weight loss specialists, giving you the same high quality of care that you would receive at home at 40% to 80% off the cost.

We will assist you with all your needs including the best prices on airfare and all-inclusive luxury resorts.

Committed to excellence

Pride in our work and services

Feeling better and looking younger is something that is definitely achievable today by way of today`s technology. Now doctors can actually enhance your physical appearance with advanced cosmetic medical procedures. These kinds of treatments, however, can be quite costly if acquired the old way of getting treatment.

The New Solution:

The good thing is… that while most centers charge outrageously expensive service fees for such procedures, there are several centers where you can undergo the exact same treatments (performed safely, and in a hospital setting) for just a fraction of the total cost. One such place is Global Medical Service, Inc. Our highly advanced service endeavors to offer you advanced medical treatment and plastic surgery treatment at reasonable prices. Our numerous years of knowledge, experience, and attention – at enormous price savings when compared to other facilities– help make us us the right choice for cosmetic surgery.

Our Staff:

Our medical doctors are all experienced as well as board certified. Each and every surgeon is one of the top within their field and sees patients from around the globe for effective and safe medical-related and plastic surgery related procedures.

One-Pay Pricing Plan:

Reduce costs with our one pay pricing options. You can get an array of procedures done simultaneously (example:, a tummy tuck + beast lift) and save.

The Services We Provide:

What exactly does Global Medical Service, Inc. have to offer you? We provide solutions in all of major kinds of cosmetic procedures, from various forms of plastic surgery to weight loss surgery. Below are a few of the procedures available for you to choose from:

Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty
Liposuction (All Areas)
Facial Procedures ( Includes neck lift, facelift, eye lift and brow lift)
Nose Job
Ear Surgery
Breast Augmentation (can include Gummy Bear Implants aka Cohesive Gel)
Breast Reduction
Breast Lift
Male Breast Reduction
Abdominal Procedures
Buttock Lift ( Brazilian buttock lift and Fat Transfer
Thigh Lift
Arm Lift
Buttock Implants
Post bariatric plastic surgery (includes extended tummy tucks and body lifts)
Mommy make-over
Body lift
Back lift

Our company enables you to be in touch with the top cosmetic medical personell in the Dominican Republic and Florida. In addition to the quality of the medical service (in a safe and hospital setting) and the affordable cost, there are other perks too.

Further Perks

You`re able combine a good vacation get away (either in the Dominican Republic or Florida )together with receiving the treatments that you want. Since you`ll be going there under complete packages you will not need to worry about anything else… besides relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. Its like getting the vacation you have always desired — and getting the appearance that you`ve always desired. You are able to come back a revitalized, younger looking person.

Medical Tourism at its Best

Thousands are realizing that they can enjoy the vacation get away of a lifetime and combine it with needed cosmetic surgery and other treatments.
This is exactly why medical tourism is experiencing an remarkable growth the last few years. Why spend a great amount of money to receive the very same medical procedures you can get for a much lower cost in a dream vacation setting?

Here at Global Medical Service, we provide affordable treatment in destinations within the Dominican Republic and also in Florida. Now you can travel, enjoy your vacation, and spend less.
Some may debate that the degree of medical treatment at home would probably be better than in some other country. That`s simply no longer true. Other countries are fast catching up in terms of medical technology and when it comes to skills and abilities of the medical professionals they`re on the very same level.

There is actually no good reason for you to not take advantage of this opportunity to improve yourself and enjoy the vacation like experience at the same time.

How Much Can You Save?

Still not convinced? Really that`s understandable. With the number of gimmicks and companies on the market guaranteeing things and never being able to deliver the promised results, it can be difficult recognizing who you can trust these days. But in order to demonstrate some proof let us underscore to you the amount you can save by enlisting the services provided by Global.

A combination procedure such as Breast Enhancement and Abdominoplasty would cost roughly $12-15,000 on the average in the usa. By working with Global and traveling to the Dominican Republic, we can help you to get the treatments for as low as $6,995.00. That is an 80% discount! (Don`t forget we also offer services in Florida.)

Besides the amount of money you will be conserving your treatment, you should remember that you are not sacrificing anything when it comes down to the quality of service you`re getting. You can be assured that you`re getting the most up-to-date and the absolute best medical treatment (inside of a safe and hospital setting) AND a tropical vacation at the same time. What more could you possibly ask?

Cheapest Tummy Tuck – Call Us Now!

Now is your opportunity! Just what are you waiting for? Here at Global Medical Service Inc. provide comprehensive packages which include everything you need – the procedure and the vacation destination and care. Think about going on vacation and returning a new revitalized you! If you`ve dreamed of having any kind of cosmetic surgery done, this is the way to do it!Get the look that you`ve always wanted while enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. Get in touch with us today.

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