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Need Cosmetic or Bariatric Surgery? We Can Help!

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery/Weight Loss Surgery too high?

Our surgeons are the most experienced cosmetic surgeons and weight loss specialists, giving you the same high quality of care that you would receive at home at 40% to 80% off the cost.

We will assist you with all your needs including the best prices on airfare and all-inclusive luxury resorts.

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     Pride in our work and services

Nip/Tuck and Travel: Surgery Abroad

Looking for an extreme makeover or just a little Nip/Tuck?

Are you aware of the term medical tourism? If not, consider this, have the vacation of your dreams in the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic. Sun, sea and pristine white beaches. Your personal driver awaits you at the airport.

You are whisked away to an “All Inclusive luxury resort beach hotel where you are warmly greeted and everything has been made “just right” for your arrival.

All meals, drinks and entertainment are provided within the resort at no additional cost, yes, it’s all included.

Now add world class plastic surgery and bariatric surgery abroad.  “Come home with more than just a tan.”

Why Travel for your Medical Services?

Thousands of people have been traveling abroad every year to receive cosmetic surgery and Bariatric procedures like Lap-Band Surgery.

Outstanding quality and affordability are the two most important reasons for having cosmetic and Lap-Band surgery abroad.

Traveling for a “medical holiday” also provides an opportunity for those with limited vacation time to have both medical services and a vacation with their family or friend. Our professional medical facilities are located in the Dominican Republic and Florida.

An American Standard of Health Care, Affordably Delivered, in Paradise.

Global Medical Services provides you the opportunity to have excellent medical care by the best surgeons in the country while saving you 40% to 80% on the cost of the same procedure performed in the United States.

Global Medical Services also provides you the opportunity to have excellent medical care and Plastic Surgery like Breast Augmentation, Liposuction and Tummy Tucks, etc. Travel to the Dominican Republic or Florida where you can save money and enjoy an excellent vacation.

Bariatric Surgery including Lap-Band surgery by the best surgeons in the country while saving you up to 80 % on the cost of the same procedure performed in the United States.

Recuperate on a Caribbean Island with complete privacy, saving thousands of dollars and then return home to your family, friends and co-workers to see the new you!

*US Prices vary according to regions of the country and specific patient needs.
*US Prices are national averages only and actual cost may be higher or lower.

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